The Vision.

To create a nurturing space for those who have been victims of abuse to get healed, filled and free to help others get healed, filled and free.

The Mission.

To offer an avenue of aftercare healing for people who have been victims of abuse on their journey to loving themselves back to wholeness. Thus, the power of love is facilitated by utilizing the gifts and passion of professionals who serve in the spa, beauty, creative arts, mental health and wellness industries. We promote healing through serving others who have been victims of abuse on their journey of being made whole and set free from abuse.

About the Visionary.

This project was a calling to serve individuals who have been victims of domestic abuse by LaToya Forbins, who also was a victim of domestic violence for many years. With over 15 years as a licensed massage therapist and then as an esthetician, LaToya served and promoted self-care to her clients all the while being in and out of an abusive relationship/marriage for at least 10 of those years.

The last time she left her abuser was when she determined that she needed to figure out how to leave the abuse and never to repeat the cycle again. While living in a domestic violence shelter, then transitional housing, she discovered the key to what would help her get out & stay out of abusive and toxic relationships, which was love: God’s love and self-love.

About the Visionary, cont.

A beautiful marriage was birthed when she realized that through self-care, God’s love and self-love could be ministered to those who have left abusive relationships, who did not feel as if they deserved to take the time, energy nor money for themselves. It was apparent that these individuals (including herself) saw with distorted lenses & thought it noble to lay their own needs on the alter for the affections, approval, and “love” of others, thinking that it would yield a return of love.

Until one day LaToya realized that taking care of herself FIRST was in fact loving and would yield positive results in her life by her doing so. This was the perfect inception of being able to beautifully minister God’s love, self-love, self-care and to educate others about all forms of abuse that plague our society.

First Me Day.

We want to honor the bravery of survivors of domestic abuse/violence for seeking freedom and advocating for themselves; first by leaving & then by getting the necessary help to stay free. It is so important to build up the self esteem, self confidence, boundaries & self love of these survivors so that they can thrive in spite of domestic abuse and become an overcomer on their journey to loving themselves back to wholeness. One of the things we have found is when you’re in an abusive relationship you don’t love yourself & you need to love yourself FIRST before you CAN love or receive love from anybody else.

A First Me Day is an official day dedicated to a survivor of domestic abuse that is an outpouring of love from our volunteers by which the recipient will receive a full day of pampering: A massage, facial, mani/pedicure, hair styled, makeup, lunch, photo shoot, a brand new outfit, then a dinner for two and an evening activity for two. We just believe that it is so important to help them build up their self esteem, confidence, boundaries, self love & focus on the mental health by self care practices.

First Me Day, cont.

During October in observance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we will accept written or video nominations all month long from you the public of someone you know personally who is on their journey of healing. Share with us a brief synopsis of their story of heroic defeat of domestic abuse and where they are now on their journey along with their name & contact information.

Please email us at

We will select 12 people to honor their bravery in seeking freedom through advocating for themselves by leaving, getting the help that they needed, staying free, and being willing to share their story to help others become free and stay free. We don’t want to just enable them to survive domestic abuse but to thrive in spite of it. They will also be connected to a mental health provider, mentor and will have classes and workshops for their continued advancement of being further supported along their journey to thriving in spite of domestic abuse to becoming an overcomer. We want to be an avenue of healing to help them break the cycle of abuse in themselves and then in their future generations.

Who do you know who deserves to thrive in spite of domestic abuse?

Which overcomer do you know who is deserving of this life changing and healing opportunity?

*Must be 18 or older, safe from abuser and on their healing journey where they are free & willing to be photographed & filmed sharing their story once they are awarded.

How to Volunteer

We’re partnering with local massage therapists, estheticians, nail technicians, makeup artists, hairstylists, barbers, restaurants to cater lunch for recipients and volunteers of First Me Day, photographers and videographers, women and men’s clothing boutiques or stores, restaurants for gift certificates, local entertainment venues, and mental health providers and monetary donations are always appreciated.

We’re still looking for volunteers to support us in this vision.

Donations & Giving

Please consider making a generous monetary contribution to the Self Love through Self Care Project. Each donation helps aid, assist, and impact the lives of others effected by the trauma of domestic violence.

Contact Us

Office Phone: (844) 959-LOVE

Mailing Address:
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